image thumb54 Microsoft falls deeper in love with Twitter with @MicrosoftHelps for Windows 7 Support

There is no denying that Microsoft has that thing for Twitter, we saw it with Bing and today it utilized the micromessaging  service to provide support for Windows 7 users by creating @MicrosoftHelps. However I was just a bit surprised reading that it has been around for almost a week and still hasn’t got the penetration it should have. Well we can put that aside and think that its latest OS is only out in the market and there is a lot it has to do, but the idea to setup a customer support at Twitter is a very good idea. It will provide Twitter users the chance to pitch questions on issues they have with the OS, though it is only in English for the time being. I quite like the idea, sorry for being repetitive, the only reason is I wasn’t expecting Microsoft to be so open towards to Twitter to actually provide customer support.