image thumb177 Microsoft bites senses; ‘No more Gates/Seinfeld ads at last!’No matter what Microsoft has to throw up for us to call reasons one thing’s for sure that they wasted a good tiny bit of amount at creating something as bizarre as Gates/Seinfeld ads. We had been hearing about Microsoft starting off with the second phase of ads, but there was little anticipated that they might kick the duo so hard. Especially after making the two appear more buffoons rather a pair of intelligent and witty folks.

Spokesman for Microsoft, Frank Show hit out by stating that the current step of taking out Seinfeld from the picture wasn’t done out of immense criticism that the ads had received. He added:

We’re getting ready to start the second phase. This was the plan all along.

I saw the first ad, I was lost, and how could Microsoft come up with something so horrendous. But then I tried to watch it time and again, thinking that maybe it has some secret code or hidden objects that spelt doom for its competitors. And yes there was one message so obvious “follow us on this and be called jerks”.

Rumors have it that Seinfeld, superstar of the 90’s with his hit TV show grabbed in $10 million for nothing but some stupid act. Nonetheless it remains to been seen what phase two of this $300 million worth ad campaign has to offer. And I like many hope that its worth one single watch at least.

image thumb178 Microsoft bites senses; ‘No more Gates/Seinfeld ads at last!’