meebo Meebo traffic increased through Facebook Meebo has observed an immense increase in traffic through Facebook. The site allows people to chat with each other using instant messaging services in chat rooms. You can also send instant messages to different messenger services like Yahoo, gtalk, MSN etc. The application can be embedded into other sites allowing others to chat. It also allows third party developers to build application for their sites.

Nearly 8 million unique Facebook users have been seen using the application since the release of embed option in December last year. Most of the traffic was observed in the last 30 days. According to the company stats, the per month visitors have reached the mark of 35 million users. Most of the traffic was observed through its chat rooms.

The stats suggest an interesting amount of cross traffic from Meebo’s application partners which include Buddy Media, Commagere Ventures, FrozenBear, K-Factor Media, Mesmo TV, Rockstarted, Spicerack Media, Trippert Labs, and Unit 501, Friends, RockYou, TheBroth and WaterCooler.

An immense increase in popularity of social networks have been seen in the past couple of years. The race is still on but web services like these will certainly keep users stick to a specific network like Facebook. They have been successful so far in making the web service popular, next we have to see how they can use the traffic to generate revenue.