image thumb49 McAfee Offers Free Antivirus If You Become Its Fan On Facebook!

Given the number of phishing scams rampant on social networks and of course Facebook there is a dire need for drastic security measures. Earlier today Facebook put its concern to practice by pushing out free antivirus for its users, courtesy McAfee. The free anti virus software is of course free to begin with the initial subscription period lasting for 6 months.

It wouldn’t hurt McAfee to give in free six months of virus check to Facebook users. Given that many of the users would eventually switch to a payment mode once the free period ends. McAfee is of course known to have had many such collaborations with key players on the Web,just like it did with AOL. But unlike the terms it had with AOL for monthly payments, users on Facebook will have the privilege to enjoy it for free for almost half a year.

If you happen to be one of those users who still have no antivirus software to crack on the bugs that infest your system head over to the McAfee fan page and get yourself a free copy. However this offer is only for PC users, meaning that MAC lovers will have to either wait or find a similar offer elsewhere.