image thumb28 Mark Hurd Takes A Bow As HP’s CEO Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Bad press for a bad move or at least as alleged, HP is waving goodbye to Mark Hurd, after the CEO, Chairman and President of HP resigned from his position following inquiries regarding a sexual harassment claim coming from an HP contractor. This will be acted upon immediately.

Mark’s position will be taken over by Cathie Lesjak, the Chief Financial Officer of HP. Cathie will overlook both the CFO and the CEO until HP hires someone else for the position of the Chief Executive. The company’s search committee, which also includes Mark Andreessen, founder of Netscape will be looking for someone to fill in Mark Hurd’s shoes. Hurd took the decision following the investigations led by an external legal counsel and the GC’s office which also included the Board to find evidences that made the claim concrete. However there was no act that violated the Sexual Harassment policy of HP but was found to be against the norms of the company’s Codes of Business Conduct.

Hurd, who had taken over the charges of the computer manufacturer’s CEO from Carly Fiorina back in February, 2005 claimed that he had violated the company’s code of conduct and it was best suitable for him to bow down from the positions he held. It is quite embarrassing for a head of a firm to be found involved in such behaviour, especially when the corporation has absolute laws to safeguard a healthy workplace environment.