image thumb56 March 1, 2010: The Day When Facebook Notifications End

It ends, finally! All those notifications that bothered countless Facebook users like me irrespective we of the fact that we never really appreciated those apps being out there. The social network is now planning to pull those notifications off the system when March begins. Of course they wont just vanish overnight, but I am glad that they have given a date at last.

Of course This is going to dent the developers who have thrived on these flooding notifications that actively promoted their apps. But it is for the good of many users of the social network. I still receive dozens of notifications though I have blocked more than a hundred apps from sending me notifications, it just seems irritating. Plus it appears to be more of a harassment than a friendly app being promoted. What Facebook should do is provide these developers a better method to communicate with users. Something like a universal app dashboard or letting them get updates via email, more importantly users themselves should have the freedom to select how they should be contacted or updated about the apps.

While everyone can go about suggesting ideas on app notifications, the updates will take their time. Till then all we can do is try and digest those and hope that we do get to a have lighter and cleaner Facebook experience. Still if you do feel burdened by a friend or two sending you stupid notifications from apps, just hit the ignore notifications from this app in the options just beneath the notification itself to have one less app to worry about.