image thumb199 Manage eBay and PayPal payments using Scrobbld

If you’re a seller and use eBay or PayPal for your transaction, then Scrobbld is like a gift for you. It is a complete management system that lets you track your eBay or PayPal orders. It gives you an overview of your transactions, their details, provides you with notifications and stats as well.

It provides a very nice interface complete with filtering options for completed, refunded, reversed and various other transactions. You can export order information to print shipping labels or to import in other software. There is also a search option to quickly access your desired transaction. The right half of the screen shows you the transactions, with the customer names, status, transaction date and export date. Memos can also be attached to orders letting you attach handy information to them. The transaction statuses are also color coded for easy understanding in a quick glance of the table. Stats let you track your sales and revenue progress, geographics of your buyer base.

Customer lists can also be maintained so you can just select a customer and see their transaction history in one place. eBooks can also be uploaded and delivered automatically when a transaction is completed. Templates let you export information from the transaction overview page, create new template, change default template, add/remove fields to templates, reorder the fields for export, use grouping to produce combined files for similar exports. The Inventory can also be kept in check right from the web application as well.

So in short, Scrobbld lets you,

  • Export multiple orders in printer-friendly format
  • Know when you have dispatched an item
  • Send automated emails to buyers
  • Automated stock management
  • See transactions for a particular buyer in one place
  • Add tracking info to orders
  • Put similar items in stock keeping units
  • Host and deliver eBooks automatically
  • Save time and boost productivity

It is aimed at SOHO users to increase their productivity and organization of their transactions. There are 4 plans available to sign up with Scrobbld. They lower priced ones are handicapped by the number of free transactions per month that can be made as well as the export templates and SKUs, eBook Storage and various other features. They provide a great balance in reflection to your business so you can select any one which suits your finance.

Overall, this is a great web application for eBay or PayPal sellers and no doubt would gain popularity amongst them. It is also one of the most practical web applications we’ve reviewed in recent times and a service we’re very impressed of.

image thumb200 Manage eBay and PayPal payments using Scrobbld

image thumb201 Manage eBay and PayPal payments using Scrobbld