Make a virtual 360 degree tour with YourCampus360College plays an important role in the life of its graduating students. The time we spend in colleges is unforgettable and remind us of the pranks we played upon friends, fights, listening to boring lectures and sitting silently in the library. Sigh! Every student wants to be a part of a reputed college. There is no end to dreaming and YourCampus360 allows you to choose a college that actually fits your preferences and desires.

The site contains reviews and virtual tour of different colleges that cover almost everything from classrooms to dorms. It also includes blogs and videos of different students that really provides a live experience making it more easier for you to make a right decision.

The site will be a source of great information for the prospective students. It will help them by serving as a counselling platform, helping them make the right career choice. Though site have chances of gaining popularity, but currently it has only one college for its review. It could have started of with a larger number to make it appear more informative.

In its beta stage; the site can do good by introducing various other features like; displaying latest news about different colleges, academic and accommodation charges for both local and foreign students, a brief information about faculty members (this plays a major role in letting a student know of the standard the college has). One can also make use of having chat rooms in a college communities where they may learn interactively form those who are already studying there; wont this really help out at getting answers of various problems prospective students face when it comes to deciding a college.

 Make a virtual 360 degree tour with YourCampus360