image176 fishes $35 million: WOWWhen I read VentureBeat reporting raising $35 million in times like these, the only thing I thought of was there are still investors who are willing to let go of cash and put trust into companies. The service provides free email and various other services.

The service boasts around 2 million users for its free email service and lays great emphasis on it. According to source the service’s success factor lies heavily on providing users customized email addresses from just under 500 choices.

I think the idea clicks users as it’s extremely difficult to find and get clear with the user name of your choice. With such choices users can get a go with exactly the email ID they want to create an account with. What ever the case be, I find it quite indigestible as to why would investors throw out such a large sum to that generates all its revenue from advertisements. Any tips?