magnolia Ma.gnolia plans to expand; goes Open Source Bookmarking service, Ma.gnolia has announced its plans of going open-source enabling anyone to make use of their code and create their own customized version of it. The service hasn’t been enabled and chances are that it will take full form by next month. However it has launched a new site that has been launched to highlight documentation, discussion and the proceedings for the project.

The purpose of this is to balance out and bring Ma.gnolia out form the grip of its team and expand it to the whole lot who can alter it according to the demands and likes of users. Therefore the basic cause is to introduce innovation into its service.

The proceeding has been tipped in the name M2; it is a move away from their conventional method that they had been running. Ma.gnolia will continue its support and provide fee accounts as it has been and once M2 is in place all accounts will be switched over to it.

Therefore the major purpose is to build codes and have them open for discussion and alterations as the developers across the globe want to. More information can be accessed at the official site for M2.

magnlia thumb Ma.gnolia plans to expand; goes Open Source