image thumb11 Mac OS X Gets Its Version Of The Crash And Burn Chrome, The Chrome Canary

Remember the Google Chrome Canary build we mentioned back in August 2010? The crash and burn Chrome released for developers and testers who don’t mind their browser crashing in testing out new features and updates. The build is finally coming out to the Mac OS X.

I am glad that Google didn’t go beyond to make the more firmer release of the browser incompatible with this build. Which means you can run both the Canary build as well as the more stable version of the browser, so the bugs in the canary build don’t end up spoiling your browsing experience. The version is helpful for those users who love being beta testers (or testers to put it more simply) and in turn help develop better versions of the browser and the add-ons released for it.

Chrome Canary is quite ahead and the version reads 13.0.753. I mean you have got the stable release of Chrome designated version 11, the developer build which is the version 12, one can easily assume that it is still a test version for developers as well. From the Chromium blog:

The Mac version of Google Chrome Canary follows the same philosophy: it automatically updates more frequently than the Dev channel, and does not undergo any manual testing before each release. Because we expect it to be unstable and, at times, unusable, you can run it concurrently with a Dev, Beta, or Stable version of Google Chrome. Your Canary data remains separate, but if you set up Sync in each version of Chrome that you use, you can automatically continue using the same set of bookmarks, extensions, themes, and more.

You can download the Canary Build for the Mac here.