image thumb4 LoveBookOnline: Problem Saying How Much You Adore Your Love? Write A Book!

Most gifts are too impersonal. A small team of developers and artists came up with a gift idea that digs deeper than anything before it and we did it in a fun, simple way. How many times has a loved one asked, "Why do you love me?" I bet many folks out there must have come across this question at least once in their lifetime. And I am sure many would have loved to have this answered by someone else, hence comes LoveBooks a site that allows users to select, edit and create pages of a book that list all the reasons why they love someone. LoveBooks prints the book, binds it as per your need; the hard bound or paperback and it is shipped to you.

Each page lists a single reason and is accompanied by little stick figure characters to help illustrate the idea. The end result is beautiful gift that is more personal than flowers or candy could ever be. Our user-generated database of "LoveReasons" allow users to create their books within minutes or they can edit each page individually, all depending on how madly in love they are!

We’ve been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America and Diggnation. Our books have been used for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, marriage proposals, teacher, anyone who is loved and/or appreciated. LoveBooks ship all over the world, to anyone using the Latin alphabet.