hijack thumb thumb Lookout BitTorrent Sites China is ‘Hijacking’!

China has been known to have a strong hand over censoring content available to its public, on the Internet, however this recent happening changes everything. Several reports came in from China, reporting that popular BitTorrent sites like Mininova, isoHunt, and The Pirate Bay had been hijacked, making them inaccessible and redirecting to Baidu – a leading Chinese search engine. People in the Beijing area were unable to log onto these sites (as well as VeryCD) as they were promptly redirected to Baidu. The hijacks continued for more than two days straight before being lifted yesterday. Mininova co-founder Niek commented on this happening:

“We had the questionable honor of joining Wikipedia and YouTube on the list of websites that (at some point) were censored in China. Fortunately the people in charge made the right decision, and realized that blocking a search engine like Mininova wasn’t such a good idea.”

“I’m happy to see that the block is removed now, though it would be nice to talk to the people who made this decision so we can understand their motives.”