image thumb117 LinkedIn Wants You To Stay Up To Date On Companies Clones Facebook And Twitter ‘Follow’

We have been hearing that LinkedIn has been feeling left out and many have asked just why won’t the professional social network get a bit modern? I am not sure what reasons it has for that Ice Age design but I feel it really doesn’t need that. I am talking about the Facebook and Twitter like presence.

We all have our reasons and I have mine which I will narrate once I am done with the latest update to LinkedIn; the follow button. And by God it looks damn ugly. That was the last thing or more importantly, the last site where I would have seen such an option available. Need I explain this?

What Does Follow On LinkedIn Do?

I bet you would laugh it off if you are a die hard fan of Facebook or have been any close to the social network. But those of you who have quit it over privacy issues, the follow option would let you follow companies on the network. This would let you get real time updates on any alerts coming from the companies you follow.

The advantage of this is that you can keep an eye on job opportunities from these companies and any other update.

My Take On LinkedIn Updates [Future]

Seriously I don’t want another fluff social network and I am happy with what features LinkedIn has. Anything that resembles Facebook or Twitter would do nothing than make me hate it. However there are a few things it can improve which include:

  • A better search
  • a revamping of the site’s layout – God the Tube light White hurts my eyes.
  • A neater placement of content on the site. It appears like loads loads of text  squeezing your screen.

What it can do however is try and link itself to Facebook instead of following it. I can bet that almost every user on LinkedIn is on Facebook but not all Facebook users are on LinkedIn, of course there are reasons for this but integrating Facebook. Why not? It already has integration with Twitter.

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