linkedin logo 300x199 LinkedIn Introduces InMaps To Help Visualize Your Professional ConnectionsLoads of text is always a bit difficult to digest, especially when you can ensure the information is pushed forth in a much better manner using visuals. I mean think of it if I could visualize the news feed on my social networking profile and have them sorted in categories defined via keywords. Life would have been really simple and would have ensured I respond to things I like the most.

image thumb44 LinkedIn Introduces InMaps To Help Visualize Your Professional Connections

Well it might not be happening  on Facebook or Twitter for now but it is definitely being rolled on LinkedIn. The social network for professionals yesterday released InMaps; a new product to sync with your LinkedIn’s social profile. As already mentioned, InMaps would help you visualize what your social network looks like. Think of it for a moment, how it would ease filtering your social network or at least help you see whether you are connected o the right people, those who share the same interests or profession.

The maps generated are color coded, this helps represent numerous that constitute your professional network. You could have a 1,000 connections but quantifying them on the basis of your different ventures is a tough task. With InMaps you can actually see in what category you have the most connections.

You can access InMaps here but in order to make use of the service you must have at least 50 connections and 75 percent of your profile should be complete.

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