linkedin logo LinkedIn into the iPhone app Race LinkedIn, a definite must-have app for business users, plugged in with Apple’s iPhone to provide it’s following with a unique way to connect with businesses and companies, looking to hire individuals.

LinkedIn the professional online network, where you can connect, network, and gradually expand your professional experience through the website. “LinkedIn is an online network of more than 25 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries”.

linked profile1 LinkedIn into the iPhone app Race

Now that you’re familiar with what LinkedIn really is, lets get back to the iPhone app they launched. The app itself is very simple, when you log-in, you can search for the contact you’re looking for and get their information. It’s quite to the point, and without all the flashy stuff included.

For any one with problems accessing and understanding the new and out applications and websites, this would be the perfect one, because it’s really simple to use.

linkedin profile2 LinkedIn into the iPhone app Race

Starting off with the LinkedIn app – the main page has the ‘News-feed’, showing which of your contact is doing what. Click on any of them to visit their profile pages. Next in is the ‘Connections’, which is actually your contact list. And it’s actually quite similar to Apple’s own Contacts app. Try the ‘Search’ to find anyone by using the letters along the side, to jump to a name. It allows you to search by keyword, name, company or title. If you want to share your updates with your contacts, the ‘Status’ area allows you to broadcast what you’re doing.

linkedin profile3 LinkedIn into the iPhone app Race

However, if you have a request from a contact for writing a recommendation for them, you can see the request but cannot comply with it, since the option is inaccessible/not present on its iPhone app.

There is a neat feature also which allows you to port over a contact’s information from LinkedIn to your own contact list on your phone.