image thumb109 Lijit launches its Content Network, better search, revenue everywhere

Lijit launched its Content Networks yesterday, perhaps to celebrate the death of Feedburner. I am not sure what good is this going to do, I mean they will let users monetize each network by hammering ads on feeds you have flooding in. Allen Stern raises an interesting question as he points what revenue is going to go the person who actually creates the news? I guess the idea is going to go far off, given that its search provides pin point results, giving users a chance to find the right thing without mudding much and the ad publishers get to target each result, As Louis Gray explains:

Lijit has also stepped up its game in terms of a more targeted advertising network, around its publishers and its highly targeted search results. The more relevant the search and the more relevant the data around the searcher and the publisher where the search is taking place, the higher the click-through rates.

Anyone for the update?