image360 Lifehaps: Timeline significant events in your lifeThere is always an urge amongst people who want to record every important in their life across a timeline; pretty much like they see the history of some great civilization. Everyone of us values everything we have been going through through out our lives and the only place that can provide us with an interactive timeline. Lifehaps is one such place that lets you plot every event that you cherish across a timeline.

Users can use this to keep their friends and family updated on every event that has taken place in your life. Along with that it lets users keep track of their mood over time and lets users connect with those who have ad similar experiences.

The service is currently said to resurface as a Facebook application any time soon. But I had used the service previously and I found the interface quite dull, it had too much green in it and it made my eyes soar. I hope the application cuts off the dull appearance and offers a much lighter and a bit un-green version.

image thumb274 Lifehaps: Timeline significant events in your life