letseatlogo thumb LetsEat: Design, Plan and Host your Restaurant Website LetsEat allows you to create the website for your restaurant with few clicks. If you are running a restaurant and wants to share it with the rest of the world but issues like hosting, designing and updating takes crap out of you than try LetsEat. Its an awesome free service that provides a wholesome collection of quality themes to make your site appealing and unique. The site also offers a free hosting platform and you can get started by creating your account, No fees and no graphics tools to suffocate your work.

LetsEat is stunningly simple and provides array of productive features that helps you build an eloquent and complete site for your eating place. Owners can create customize menus, post daily/weekly specials (let customers know about it through the site’s RSS system), post restaurant’s reviews of newspapers and magazines. The site also serves as a good marketing platform and you can create your own printable and customizable coupons to allure customers. The recently added LetsEat. at Mobile Edition will be a boon to busy commuters. The mobile edition lets customers place their order when they are on move with an easily accessible online menu that gives an idea about the availability of  your favourite appetite.

letseatpage thumb LetsEat: Design, Plan and Host your Restaurant Website