image thumb31 LazyTweet; An ‘Answers’ Service for TwitterLazyTweet is a very useful service based on Twitter. It is a service akin to Yahoo Answers, albeit one which doesn’t require you to sign up. It expands your reach beyond your followers on Twitter, to the number of users using LazyTweet. The great thing about this service is that, it lets you ask any question to the community from the comfort of your Twitter account without any hassle of signing up and linking it. It’s as simple as sending a Tweet to LazyTweet.

This allows for a very social experience. All that is required is to include the words lazytweet or lazyweb in your tweet. Just pose your request/question, and include the words "lazytweet" or "lazyweb" in it. It can be a hashtag, #lazytweet (or #lazyweb), or a reply @lazytweet (or @lazyweb), or just say lazytweet (or lazyweb). The Tweet will then reach out to the LazyTweet community and hopefully you will get an answer or feedback for your question.

The questions can also be discussed upon at the LazyTweet website. Disqus comments are integrated on each LazyTweet, allowing for information exchange. As the website itself says:

the idea with LazyTweet is to embrace and extend the questions being asked on Twitter, progressively enhancing Twitter discussions, with the lowest friction possible, while opening those questions up to a wider audience. Joshua Porter refers to apps like these as barnacle apps. Think of this as Yahoo! Answers for Twitter.

The success behind such a website lies in the number of users it can gather. Twitter already has a huge number of users, which means that LazyTweet can tap into that potential to create an ‘Answers’ community around it. And so far, being a new service, it doesn’t have much users participating for it.

It could prove to be another useful service built on top of Twitter, but that all depends on the participation of users. LazyTweet should be looking for ways to gather a following quickly. If you want to benefit from your Twitter friends, or help others, give LazyTweet a try.

image thumb32 LazyTweet; An ‘Answers’ Service for Twitter