image thumb18 Lala Goes To Apple

The rumors aren’t rumors any more as Apple appears to have actually acquired the online music streaming startup. Now that is going to be a bit harsh for Lala users, given how Apple has strict policies on using whatever is its property. 10 cents to stream a song any number of times is what Lala users are accustomed to but that will very well be gone with this acquisition. I am not sure what actually provoked Lala to go ahead with this but to be honest with Apple it may actually add more alternatives to let its users store and play music.

However, the music at Lala, as I know of isn’t licensed to be transferred to anyone other than Lala itself. Meaning that Apple would have to pay for the records Lala owns. Plus it would also terminate Lala’s deal with Google, that let its users search music with sample of tracks and that with Facebook which enabled users to send songs as gifts. But I guess artists would not be more than ready to have their songs at Lala once it is acquired by Apple, why? Well the name has been in business for ages and as NYT puts it, there is lesser uncertainty.