image227 Kwanzoo puts ads in quizzes to boost your revenueThe idea of generating more revenue is always worth having and no one likes to miss such oppurtunity. Kwanzoo, a new startup is coming out wit a method to boost your revenue by embedding ads in short quizzes. With more than 50,000 questions branching out into various categories, Kwanzoo uses them for one primary objective; creating an interactive medium for advertisements.

Kwanzoo has its partnerships with the much known Glam Media and Meebo for the content and promises to generate ten times of what banner ads usually sum out to. The good thing about this is it doesn’t bother users with ads in the middle of the quiz and waits till its over. The service isn’t an ad generating service rather lets users to add ads from other networks into the widget.

It’s definitely one way of pulling in crowds to help boost your ad cash and giving them something to enjoy.

[via TechCrunch]