kigose Kigose the School Search engine; help for teachers and students alike Kigose is a search engine powered by Google Custom Search and Google AJAX Search, created to assist students and teachers in finding educational resources. It provides various modes of search and the search results are extended only to sites that are for educational purpose and where there is no need to subscribe.

The search category is not merely confined to text but consists of various other categories like; web images, maps, translation etc, so that finding the content is made easy and more general, instead of bottle necking. Everyone gets to have their bit of results, from science to literature students.

Kigose besides letting you perform Google search on various categories, provides you with filters to help users find specific websites and articles. The user can modify his search with respect to the author, article title, website title or URL. It is a new site with the database that consists of:–21 websites for story search

  • 70 educational websites for web search
  • 6 websites for image search
  • 7 websites for video search
  • 23 websites for teacher search.

The site is basically cross linked with all of the above sites and just provides a platform for users that itself is powered by Google (though not a part of Google Inc.). you cant comment much on such sites as they don’t have features save for their hard and fast rule ‘stick to the job, that’s it!’ But it fulfills the purpose, doesn’t it?