Are you a person who constantly needs reminders about his important meeting? Or youalertslogo thumb Keep yourself Alerted with Alerts are addicted of forgetting friend’s party. May be you are an enthusiastic sports lover who cant spent a second without knowing new updated scores if World Soccer finals are going on. Or you are always on move and always needs updated reports about weather forecast ….. Alerts is a right solution for you.

Alerts facilitates its users by providing them with a continuous stream of alerts on almost every topic. Be it a alert of rise in a gas charges or a birthday reminder, it covers up all things on to a single platform.

Users can choose their alerts from the list of most Popular Alerts. Just Added alerts arealertspage1 thumb Keep yourself Alerted with Alerts also there to help users to know about the current addition. Users can search for specific alerts by going through the list of categories. Categories includes wide range of topics such as press releases, daily horoscopes and tidbits, Jobs and traffic alerts, WakeUp calls, Baseball Scores, flight Searches, RSS Feeds and many more.

Users can chose any medium (email, text/voice messages) for receiving their alerts and this makes it all more flexible and convenient to use. With a clear and attractive interface, the site covers all type of categories that serves the primary need of every human.

In the hectic and full of hustle bustle life, Alerts will reshape your life by providing reminders, alerts and notifications about every necessary info and needs of your life.

The site in its Beta version, claims to provides regular alerts on your mail box or mobile phone as soon as you will be sign up. I registered myself and after going through the signup process was gifted with an error about their down service. These types of errors gives a dumb and awkward impression about any type of service as user will not  bother to sign up again (after all its a startup and is hardly popular among massive sector). Hope they would soon be able to cope up with this error.

alertspage thumb Keep yourself Alerted with Alerts can make improvements by introducing friend’s alerts. For eg: by automatically sending a Birthday call from a user to his/her friend or by sending party alerts by the user to all his friends.

alertspage2 thumb Keep yourself Alerted with Alerts