image thumb41 Jailbreak iPad 2   Possible Very Soon

P0sixninja has thrown the news of a working iPad 2 jailbreak in a little over two weeks, something that has been anticipated for quite a long time. The jailbreak is expected to be of the same nature as the methods used in earlier releases.

This simply translates to the fact that current hacks will be in use and the DFU mode will be mainstay. The release of the jailbreak will also make it possible for all futures iOS 4.3 versions will be supported. Those of you who are willing to be a part of the most hyped event in relation to jailbreaking devices, MyGreatFest is where you must be heading on to. The jailbreak conference is set to take place on the the 17th of September and will feature key speakers and guests from the Jailbreak community.

Interested folks can book their tickets here. There is a lot I expect from this conference as it will be bring the jailbreak community to the surface, more traditionally in terms of conferences. The next one is set to happen in the US next year and it will definitely be a kicker, given Apple hates folks jailbreaking its iOS devices.

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