image thumb116 JackTheDonkey Jacks every visit of yours to support your favorite charity

We spent a lot of time online for one reason or another, especially on the countless social networking sites around. There is another startup: JackTheDonkey that tries to turn your time online into a way of supporting a charity of your choice. The site donates 55% of all ad revenue it generates from users time on the site, giving them a choice to select from 21 charities in the U.S and Canada, to whom they want this revenue to go. The work around is pretty impressive and you are at least glad that the revenue generated by your time on the site is utilized for a good cause and doesn’t end up in the pockets of the people. Now there is one thing that I just couldn’t figure out, the choice of name. I mean why JackTheDonkey? It’s definitely different, but weird and I am still wondering why this has to be the name. Any answers?