image thumb62 Is Facebook Heading On To Become Orkut Of The Past?

Now if you are really into having people follow a certain thing or adopt a different strategy you need to lead from the front. And this is what Mark Zuckerberg is doing, following the textbook strategy. Nothing new here at all, rather more of a step towards making quite a bit of his profile open to public. Now, wouldn’t that make you feel all the new changes and updates more secure?

Of course not! Not at least to people who began using the social network for its very privacy and the emphasis on being a network for connecting with friends and keeping your updates, etc limited to only those you know or can relate to. But that’s changing and changing quite rapidly. Why? That is the real question which is pretty obvious to almost any Web savvy user, something I will come over to in a later post and talk about my views on why is this all happening?

I reported earlier at how many of the users have no clue about the new settings that have been introduced and one of my colleagues just clicked through the Transition tutorial upon signing up. Okay, I might be exaggerating this, but what I have seen is many people remain unaware of what exactly are these new updates and what difference it makes sticking to the old ones. Why are they so? Primarily Facebook is pretty vague about these changes and it waits for users to yell out respond before it actually steps up and clarifies things. The other reason is quite a lot of people aren’t sure how actually does it affect their privacy when they update a status and select everyone. What if they actually knew how all this works? Would that actually have them all slash at Facebook?

Great, the CEO thinks it is perfectly fine for him if the world can see his photos and a bit of information and that there is nothing wrong in it. Perfect for you sire, but that isn’t very helpful to actually push me or many others to praise the new settings. And even if it is, what’s with having the radio buttons for the new settings selected. Appears more like default mode to me (it isn’t and we can revert to old settings but it just appears odd). Other than that whatever I have personally felt here is Facebook is trying to thrust its update upon us. Why such a hurry to go public? Is it the IPO? Is it planning to be what Orkut was when it began?  No, I don’t think so, but you see it is making me question things about Facebook as its user.

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