ipmessagelogo thumb IPMessage  Send direct Messages over IP addresses, without any email ID or a chatting software As the name depicts its an instant IP Messaging service. Sounds weird! well it is a messaging service that allows you to send instant messages to your friends by typing in their IP address. The receiver will be able to read the message as soon as he/she will access the site from that particular IP address.

IPMessage allows you to send messages internationally without even logging into your email client. So, if your office has blocked access to various IM than suggest IPMessage to your friends and enjoy a stream of messages from his/ her side. You can even have a good chit chat by answering on your friend’s IP at the same time. The site consists of  a single page and is stunningly simple to use. Anyone would start enjoying it as it does not need any kind of cumbersome registration process. All you need is an IP address to which you are interesting in sending a message and IPMessage will do the rest for you.

ipmessagepage thumb IPMessage  Send direct Messages over IP addresses, without any email ID or a chatting softwareThe site itself will serve as an inbox and you can view your messages by just going through it. Apparently, the  service is quiet simple and fun to use. People who are highly concerned about security issues and are pretty laid back to login through IM and E-mail clients will surely find it useful.

However, if you are not working on an individually assigned IP address than it could be a worst security breach. Moreover, If you are working on a dynamic IP that keeps on changing  every time (you logged-in) than your message could be delivered to an unknown person. What about network packets sniffing? this could be an alarming intrusion for the service.

Out box feature can be added in the service to make it flexible and more user friendly. There should be a way to check out all the sent messages along with all IP addresses. This will help users to keep a track of all the messages they have sent so far on various IPs.

Overall, its a simple interesting service that can attract sizable user base. It will be a boon to people who have got a static IP Address and do not share their machine with anyone. Give it a try, its worthy to use.