image thumb36 iPhone With 4G LTE Hints Found In iOS 5–We Doubt Its Coming Before 2012 Though

Remember us reporting about AT&T VP hinting at the iPhone 5, we thought he was just bluffing but it appears it’s not the case. There have been more hints at what could be the coming of the 4G LTE iPhone. Now call it the iPhone 4S or whatever but we are sniffing a growing interest of Apple beyond 3G.

The hint comes from the existence of a .plist file in the latest build of the iOS. This can be viewed in the image after the jump. These files are usually used for the storage of system settings and are only read or written to by the applications. Apple had also earlier placed job postings for field test engineers with expertise in LTE, interestingly similar openings are almost always placed for iPhone related jobs but none has so specifically emphasized on LTE technology. Now you must be expecting something in the pipeline, let me pull the air off these expectations, it isn’t.

image thumb37 iPhone With 4G LTE Hints Found In iOS 5–We Doubt Its Coming Before 2012 Though

We had also heard that Apple had to make a lot of compromises in design. Primarily with power consumption by LTE chipsets, which in turn would result in a shorter battery life.

However the upcoming Qualcomm MDM9615 chipset  may have Apple working on the same. Even if this is the case, Apple might release an LTE enable iPhone by 2012. Till then, it might just continue with field testing LTE in existing devices running on the iOS 5.

Perhaps this is exactly what Apple might announce in October, alongside the iPhone 5.

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