apple remote thumb ‘iPhone Remote Control’ with the Remote App

iPhone has come pulling all sorts of applications and tools into itself; a magnet gulping in everything on the web from Facebook to WordPress but the most interesting feature at present is an application that transforms your iPhone into remote control for iTunes and Apple TV. The application has gone live with iPhone’s launch.

The application is made available as a free download through the new iTunes update as reported by Anthony Ha. The new version is reported to include the App Store for iPhone applications.

The application is set to turn iPhoners into mobile DJ; letting you control the music on your system or Apple TV; plus it works with your Wi-Fi network, enabling you to control playback from anywhere around your home. So search your iTunes library, control AirTunes speakers and what not! You get to control the entire entertainment system within your home.

All the hype, all the applications, all the fun with iPhone’s launch I already feel adrenalin rush through my veins!
(download here)