image thumb19 iPhone, iPad Users Will Eventually Have The Multiple ID Issues Resolved, Says Apple

Multiple IDs on Apple have been quite a nuisance, especially for the fact that you could only use one Apple ID per computer for the 90 days. This paralyses the rapid switching of user accounts on devices. I for one have experienced it with the iPod Touch and its annoying, despite being something minor, as many would put it.

The issue was brought forth with association of the Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad with the iCloud. The problem was highlighted by a user [read here] regarding the same and was responded with a reply stating that Apple is at work a finding a solution for the same, though nothing concrete has yet been finalized. This means we will soon be seeing an update with the ID switching issue on Apple devices.

The users can surely heave a sigh of relief with this update in a bid to easily switch or merge different IDs into one. Again it removes the hassle of making the purchases from one single ID. Apple has been pretty quick with responding to emails by their users, which is a good thing to resolve issues and be prepared to tackle problems that are to bounce up with the upcoming iOS 5, the iCloud, iPhone 5 and more importantly during this crucial period when Apple has just seen Steve Jobs step down and Tim Cook take over as the CEO.