image thumb18 iPhone 5 Unboxing Video–A Very Fake One Indeed

You seriously can’t blast my hopes off with this ugly piece of crap being unboxed with the box boasting to home an iPhone 5 and then reveal an equally ugly and ancient iPhone model. This is more like a cross between the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 5 rumored designs. In short a mutated piece of crap.

If you are to ask my opinion this is definitely a cheap copy by a Chinese manufacturer trying to make it big with the current hype of the iPhone 5. But whatever this is, the guy unboxing the so called iPhone 5 has had his day with so many hits coming his way. The only good this post and sharing the video is doing to me is only getting me a few extra hits from the search engine as eager beavers go frantic for anything to do with the iPhone 5. It isn’t wrong, is it?

What do you think about the mobile device shown in the video is the real iPhone 5 or not?

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