image thumb32 iPhone 5 Rumors Get A Plus 1 As AT&T VP Hints At Busy Month Ahead

While a blog in China, a fake video of what could probably be the HiPhone 5 may be all false rumors in connection to the iPhone 5. But a man of authority, like the VP of AT&T stating that the upcoming few weeks are going to be busy for the carrier adds a lot of weight to all the rumors. More importantly it helps narrow down the date range for the release of the iPhone 5.

As per the current reports and the words of the AT&T Vice President, we might have the iPhone 5 out for the Apple fanboys by October 7, which is the date we had already been told. Now don’t think I know the exact date or the one mentioned is exactly when the iPhone 5 is coming out, but there is more evidence to make concrete all previous rumors.

What I am only keen at is how the iPhone 5 will look like and how powerful is its architecture. A 4.3 inch edge to edge display, bundled with the iOS 5, an improved 8 MP camera, overall slim design that looks like the iPad 2 being shrunk from its 10 inch size to 4.3 or 4.0 inches. If this is what Apple has to offer I might switch over to the iPhone.

Of course the Android phone will remain with me.

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