iPhone 5 Release Makes Japan’s KDDI Pull Off Android Site

What could be more demeaning than the fact that someone takes off your product in an anticipation that another product is ready to surface in the market. I would find it absolutely lousy and discouraging but then that’s how businesses work, you promote what will sell. Especially when both products compete severely with each other, and both are bound to make you huge profits. I am talking about the Android and the Apple iOS based iPhone.

Apple is to announce the iPhone 5 on October 4th or 5th in an Apple event set to take place on either of the dates. Tim Cook, the new CEO after Steve Jobs will be presenting whatever news they have, be it the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5. While the anticipation is very high, Japanese telecom service provider, KDDI has taken off its Android site [Android au] that showcased the carrier’s line of the Android Phones promoted by their very popular boy band, Arashi. The note reads:

The Android au site is finished

The site is redirected to the company’s au site. It makes me feel as if Android phones are bound to die with the coming of the iPhone 5, that the iPhone 5 is the Android killer or something. Well, many will indeed buy that, but why would KDDI go to such an extent? By being all pro-Android all this time with promoting the Android devices having Flash, etc and thrashing the iPhone of missing out a lot, this seems to be a massive shift of loyalty.

They want business, everyone does, but aren’t they isolating their customers by doing this? Or is this all done to boast about having the iPhone 5 exclusive carrier in Japan? I am not sure, but this would really turn me away from being a KDDI customer.

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