image thumb34 iPhone 5 Release Date To Be Announced On October 4 At The Apple Event!

So after all the rumors and confusions, Apple has finally cleared the mist with the announcement of the Apple event on October 4th. This means we will finally be hearing about the iPhone 5 release dates when Tim Cook takes the stage on Tuesday, October 4.

The event is said to take place in the Apple’s Cupertino HQ and we will be hearing about the two anticipated iPhone models. The iPhone 4S and the iPhone5 are both finally expected to make a release soon. At least this is what we expect to be announced at the Apple media event. The event is scheduled to take place at 10:00 AM Pacific Time and I am sure the millions of iPhone lovers will be flooding the Twitter and Facebook feeds with their updates.

I can only wait to see what the next generation of the iPhone is like, hoping that it has a larger display than its microscopic 3.7 inch screen and the A5 processor. Of course not to forget coming out carrier free as well, at least the iPhone 4S.

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