image thumb20 iPhone 5 Release Announcement Probable On October 5 In An Apple Event

Here’s one more to bag into your rumor bag about Apple. PocketGamer has shared inside news on Apple holding a press conference on October 5th, which will have announcements on the next generation of the iPhone. Yes, precisely, the iPhone 5 as we all wait in anticipation for this device to roll out, come on its sickening.

To cut the slack that you can find on every tom, dick and Harry’s blog out there here are a few points that pretty much sum all the rumors assocaited to the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or more recently the iPod Touch 5G:

  • Apple will release 2 iPhones; the modified and a slightly cheaper version of the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S. The other one being the next generation of the iPhone, iPhone 5.
  • The iPhone 5 will be announced anywhere between October 5 and the October 15. Hinted by Orange CEO, here and briefly at the Vodafone UK site. That even showed the white iPhone 5 alongside the White iPhone 4.
  • It will boast the revolutionary iOS 5, which is a major game changer as the operating system for the iPhone and the iPad.
  • Apple might have a a 3G ready iPod Touch, the next generation of the iPod Touch 4G.

Hope this actually happens, and one bit of advise for the Steve Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook, please come up with a new marketing strategy, it looked great with Steve, now, it’s shit overdone.

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