iphone 5 iPhone 5 Prototype Or The iPhone 5 Is Really Available For Preorder In Germany?

For those of you in Germany, there is some very big news. iPhone lovers are all set to preorder the next generation of the iPhone. You read it right that you can actually preorder the iPhone 5 in Germany. This comes as a great surprise as we aren’t yet aware of what the device looks like, let alone detailed specifications of the iPhone 5.

The announcement for these preorders comes from the German telecommunication leader, Deutsche Telekom and I wont be surprised if the pre-orders are overbooked. Talk about really advance bookings for the iPhone which is yet to have a launch date announced. At first I thought it was some online promotion running wild on Facebook or Twitter, but it isn’t and those desiring to have the hands first on the device will actually have to reserve the place an be at the stores, on the first come first basis. Wait a minute, what sort of tom foolery is this?

While I bet Apple alone is all aware of what the device is all about, we for sure believe the rumors associated to the iPhone 5 screen sizes which has been tipped to be over 4.0 inches. Other than, Apple will most probably adopt the iPad 2 design, which is more curvy and slimmer and with a reduced size [to fit in the smartphone category] it will be one beautiful device to hold in your hand.

While the iPhone 5 day of announcement is yet to be announced, you can savor the numerous rumors associated to the release of iPhone 5 or the iPhone 5 Prototypes:

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