cava 22 11 iPhone 5 Prototype: Another Apple Prototype Lost In A Bar!

This has to be untrue. Apple has or to put it more correctly, had lost another unreleased version of the iPhone, which could be the highly anticipated iPhone 5. The scenario? Same like last year when one of the Apple employees lost the iPhone 4 in a bar, the phone landed up in the hands of a person who sold it to Gizmodo for a whopping $5,000. The only difference here being no Gizmodo has bought it and it reportedly went very cheap for a mere $200 on Craigslist. What a cheap sell out! Maybe the guy didn’t want to be in the limelight by asking for a huge sum.

Anyways the iPhone prototype was lost in San Francisco’s Cava 22. Apple was quick to react and contacted the bar to ensure the safe and secure return of the device to the headquarters, even involving the police for the same. Apple did trace it electronically, cracked in on a family only to find nothing. Surprised why this should even happen with Apple?

Think of it, the prototypes are perhaps the most secured objects in the world seconding top secret CIA or FBI documents on whatever. The device is made to look alien, mostly the components are placed within the old iPhone designs to ensure no one gets the sniff about the new designs. But this occurring for a second time around in succession is quite a hiccup. Of course this isn’t totally confirmed.

I am not sure if the prototype turns up on some blog, but in case this is true and if this does show up on some blog you can simply change the names in the following posts and experience a déjà vu:

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