image thumb3 iPhone 5 Image–Is This The Real iPhone 5?

Now seeing an iPhone lying on a table might appear to be a show off of some cheap replica but someone toying with it makes one think of it being the real deal. Well, of some sort at least. We have been reporting about the iPhone 5 quite a lot in the last few days and today an image added more to the spice of the iPhone 5.

A user uploaded an image at MacRumors that shows a very slim iPhone look alike, which might be the anticipated iPhone 5. And being honest it qualifies to be the real deal based on all the rumors we have been posting off late. Here’s why:

As days pass by the rumors are heating up the entire blogosphere. There has been a rise in staff at Apple stores across the UK and the US, Carriers like the Swisscom and AT&T have indicated September to be the release date for the iPhone 5, though others have said the iPhone 5 is coming in October.

Whenever this is happening you can count on having the devices in stores in the first week of October for sure. I guess a little bit of an extra patience wont be that hard to bear with, right?

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