iphone 5 sprint iPhone 5 Coming To Sprint In October

This is just in. Sprint might be up selling the iPhone 5 in October. That’s another plus one to make us believe in the rumors about the iPhone 5 release in October. This would make Sprint among the few carriers to provide the next generation of the Apple iPhone.

This has brought a spike to Sprint’s stock, which was otherwise pretty helpless without the iPhone in its armory compared to its competitors like the Verizon and the AT&T. If this is true, Sprint will be face to face with Verizon that also provides CDMA technology for the mobile devices in the US market.

While this still needs the official word from Sprint, it also makes concrete the rumor that the iPhone 5 will support dual network technology, the CDMA and the GSM networks. We are waiting for this to shape up so stay tuned to Startup Meme for the updates on this story.

In the meantime you can follow our news on the Cheaper iPhone 4 which is rumored to be in markets at around the same time as the iPhone 5.