image thumb10 iPhone 5 And Google Nexus 3 With Android 4.0 To Launch Simultaneously In October

Say hello to Google and its upcoming Nexus Phone that is set to make an entry into the mobile market in October. Wait! Isn’t that the same time when Apple plans to launch the next generation of the iPhone; iPhone 5? Not surprising, given that there is a war to dominate the smartphone market and with Apple believed to be setting industry standards day and day out, Google would definitely try to squeeze some air out with its own Nexus Phone.

The big news is that the Nexus is just isn’t another piece of Hardware with Android Honeycomb or the Android Gingerbread, but it will see a jump to “Ice Cream Sandwich” which is the next generation of the Android; Android 4.0. The Android 4.0 is expected to bring a UI overhaul, new APIs and a promise to rid the Android platform of the fragmentation problem that infects the Google mobile OS currently.

We aren’t fully sure if this will be a smartphone, a tablet or something like the 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, I suppose this will only be revealed as the launch date closes in.

It will be quite a battle; the iPhone 5, which is to be slimmer, powered by the dual core A5 processor, a powerful camera going face to face with Google Nexus. My choice is obvious; I will be opting for the Android powered Google Nexus on any given day. What is your choice?

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