iPhone 5 Apple 300x178 iPhone 5 Has 10 Million Units Shipping In SeptemberLeaked images of the iPhone 5, reports on the delayed release date of the iPhone and more rumors, The most recent news is that Apple has laced orders for 10 million pieces of the next generation of the iPhone. The report also reveals the manufacturer to be Taiwan based Pegatron Technology. The shipment will begin early next month.

Pegatron Technology is also eyeing to close in deals on the larger devices like the next generation of the iPad; iPad 3 and beyond, MacBook Air and others. The reason to eye this is primarily owing to the fact that the iPhone or the iPod Touch isn’t as profitable compared to other Apple products. Maybe that is the reason why the manufacturer has increased both the number of employees as well as production equipment.

With the carriers reportedly having the iPhone 5 delivered to them, the probability of the iPhone 5 coming earlier is far more compared to it being released later this year. By all means the next few weeks are going to be pretty exciting and more rumors would either be going down the drain or proven right. But for every reason available, we are expecting the Apple iPhone 5 to have the A5 processor, a larger display and of course an 8 megapixel camera. Wonder why Apple doesn’t have a wish list?

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