168858 apple ceo tim cook speaks in front of an image of an iphone 4s at appl iPhone 4S Sales Hit 1 Million In One Day, Another Record

This was bound to happen with all the hype prior the release of the next generation of the iPhone. The iPhone 4S, being a disappointment for many who were expecting an iPhone 5 with a large screen and what not, the release was marked by the news of the sad demise of Steve Jobs and of course the death of a mindset as well. However the iPhone 4S has broken all records, as usual hitting 1 Million sales in just one day.

The legacy of Steve Jobs will live in the Apple products to come. I am sure we can expect his approved designs for the next one year at least, given the guy [and of course the folks at Apple] though well in advance like any other great technology company. I dislike the new iPhone 4S, but that’s just me [and I know I can never justify why I dislike the device], but it is definitely a great piece of hardware sitting in the same old crappy iPhone 4 design.

A few folks have stated that the sales soared because more people want to buy the product owing to Steve Jobs death, but those guys need to get a life. I think the device is wonderful and people loved the Apple devices then and more will love them now. And with the Unlock iPhone 4S ready ship from November, the sales might just take off further in countries outside the US. I might be wrong for the officially unlocked iPhone 4S is quite expensive.

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