image thumb7 iPhone 4S Is Followed By iCloud Release, iOS 5 To Follow Soon

With the iPhone 4S sales hitting past the 1 Million mark in the first 24 hours, Siri getting all the positive press, Apple had little to delay its much talked iCloud. The cloud storage service which was to be released with the iOS5 has been pushed out today. With, users will be able to store their data  on the virtual storage service.

The iCloud should pull Apple out of the misery that MobileMe brought forth. I mean Apple has been an industry changer in terms of mobile, computing and music devices in the likes of the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch, the company hasn’t been impressive in the online business. The iCloud is expected to change the game for Apple and how people use their iPhone, iPod and the iPad. The iOS 5 users will be given 5GB of free iCloud Storage. Of course this is for free and you can purchase extra space as per your requirement.

The space limits offered and the accompanying prices for each are:

  • $20 for 10GB iCloud Storage
  • $40 for 20GB
  • $100 for 50GB

The biggest advantage is that if the content uploaded is from an iPhone 4 or the iPad 2, iCloud will readily port the same items to other iOS devices. This includes porting data to your Macs as well.

While this is important users are also aware of the iTunes Match that lets you store your music collection on the cloud for a yearly fee of $25. This is currently limited to the US only but I am sure that we will be seeing a global release as well. The iTunes Match is the dream service for anyone having an entire collection of pirated music. What iTunes Match does is simply match your music with iTunes database to give you a fully legal copy for the crappiest music track you have.

I am not sure what Apple was thinking with the iTunes Match, maybe it thought we live in the perfect world where every owner has legal music.

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