iPhone Battery iPhone 4S Inefficient Battery Is A Software Problem

The diagnosis held by an iPhone app developer proves that iPhone is suffering from a chronic software problem. This test methodically proves that the much complained about battery problems are software based rather then hardware. Phew! a sigh of relief, well at least it can be cured rather then changing the over all hardware specs.

Two iPhone devices were tested independently. Both having the same hardware, iOS ver. 5.0.1. Their model and release date was similar. They were even bought from the same location and also using the same network (AT&T). Just to make sure all other differences are avoided to check for their battery performances avoiding hardware differences. The two phones however  had different iPhone apps. stored. One was using beta applications to test while the other was a regular use iPhone with out any unorthodox applications.

The iPhone with newer applications registered a far less battery time compared to the regular iPhone. To further consolidate the investigation the iPhones were reset to factory settings. After their individual data was stored for backup. Then the data was restored on the phones only this time it was stored the other way round. That is  the previously regular use phone was updated with beta and new applications.

As the phones were reversed so was the result. Shockingly enough this time the regular iPhone registered a far less battery usage time. Concluding that the applications have a direct impact on the power efficiency of the smart Phones. Lucky enough though iPhone people are already up for a newer  OS  that would  increase the efficiency, giving us longer iPhone usage time.

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Guest author Mohsin is an educationist teaching physics and chemistry with strong inclination towards the high end gadgets, gaming and technology.