image thumb27 iPad 3 Not Coming As iPhone 5 Parts Continue To Surface

While we had been hearing news or rumors to be precise that Apple has lost its mind and will be releasing the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 in October, things seem to have been washed off as the iPad 3 seems to have been delayed. The reason being the lack of screens for the next generation of the iPad. We are talking about the lack of the quality that Retina Display brought forth in the iPhone 4, with this not available by vendors [as per our reports, SHARP being the only one capable to produce these]. To cut the long story short, the iPad 3 is not coming till 2012 next year.

However images of the iPhone 5 parts [and even and iPhone 5 unboxing video] just don’t stop surfacing. The latest ones emerge from TrueSupplier who shared images of a few parts that might belong to the iPhone 5. I personally think that there are at least half a dozen rumors regarding this iPhone 5, all waiting to be either true or false.

image thumb28 iPad 3 Not Coming As iPhone 5 Parts Continue To Surface

Coming back to the images, the above photos show what could be the headphone jack. The colors obviously indicate that we might see both a black and the white iPhone. I hope this actually comes out soon unlike the delays we saw with the release of the White iPhone 4. What irks me more is that if Apple does release the iPhone 5 along with the iPhone 4S in the month to follow, the iPhone 4 might die sooner. Which is surprising as the previous version, the iPhone 3GS is still sold at large. Its quite unlike Apple to kill its own product this way.

Whatever happens to the iPhone 4, Apple for sure has its sleeves rolled up to supply as many iPhone 5 units for the bulk of consumers.

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