I recall talking about the iPad 2 rumored to release early in 2011. The news is that as the year heads to an end more rumors spill out and the iPad 2 sounds to be a more real deal.

image thumb50 iPad 2 To Have A SD Card Slot, Front And Rear Cameras As Rumored [Video]

I have missed having a camera on the iPad and the rumors are making me feel more hopeful. The upcoming iPad 2 is rumored to have both rear and front facing camera. Some other rumors include that the iPad will:

  • Have an SD Card slot
  • Schenzen MacTop Electronics, a Chinese manufacturer is offering a Crystal Case for the next generation of the iPad. This has a larger speaker spot.

We have a video that shows the casing demonstrating all that has been mentioned. Not sure about how much truth is there in these rumors but be prepared to get a plethora of news about the iPad 2 being rolled out ion the coming weeks.

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Thanks via RP