image thumb19 iOS 6 Times Larger Than Android in Internet Browsing, Even Linux

Apple grabs another position and this time it’s the iOS that has become the third most popular platform on the Internet. Google has a big mountain for the Android platform to climb as the iOS is nearly 6 times as big as the Android. Surely the popularity of the iOS has grown and with every other release and update it continues to become stronger. Oh and did I mention it has crawled past Linux too?

The popularity doesn’t surprise me at all given that the iOS deserves it by all means. What does surprise me is the fact that it powers only 3 products, the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, which leaves it quite a limited number of options when it comes to hardware. The Android on the other hand has the HTC, Motorola and Samsung, all releasing Android based mobiles in bulk, so much that there is not a month when there is no new upcoming Android phone.

The other interesting number is that Apple’s products account for 1.1 percent of the total hardware on the Internet, third only to Windows [91.3 percent] and the Mac OS [5 percent]. The Android bases devices accounted for only 0.2 percent, which is fairly low. I mean the Android continues to grasp market share and as per current reports it has a massive 33 percent market share in the US mobile market compared to the iPhone with 22 percent [source].

I think the Android is fairly new and it has already started growing rapidly. The current year is going to be interesting and the reports might be quite different as more products are rolled out in the market powered by the Android OS. Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of them and a major competition to the iPad. Lets wait and see how market trends differ in the future, I do expect a rise in the Android share.

via Net Applications, 9to5Mac