Looks like Antennagate isn’t the only problem with the number 4 for Apple. The iPhone 4 had issues with the death grip, then came the weaker glass framework of the iPhone 4 and now we have a report on a security flaw with the iOS 4.1. This exploit leaves the passcode entry on your iPhone a pointless thing, if someone happens to get his hands on your iPhone and enters a random number in the Emergency call field and simultaneously hitting the call and hardware unlock button.

What’s the result? The user has access to the Phone App, giving them complete access to your call history, address book and voicemail. Some sources report this would even give access to the photos on your iPhone 3G / 3GS and the iPhone 4. This can be done with the selection of share contact, which would show a camera icon and thus provide access to the photo album. The Home button on the iPhone remains unresponsive, meaning your home screen remains inaccessible for the random user. But the harm is actually done as the person has access to your photos, contacts and can make calls, send MMS and Email using this exploit. The video below shows it in work:

I wonder what is Apple doing to get rid of this? Things such as this shouldn’t exist given how much attention Apple pays to its products by keeping them in a tight box before the great Steve Jobs reveals them. In my opinion, it is exactly this closed attitude that prevents Apple from finding out the minute issues with their devices. Just an opinion.

Just in case you want to know who used your iPhone you might want to head over to the following link:

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Source: BGR, via Engadget