image thumb iOS 4.2 GM For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad Available For Download

Apple just made available the final Gold Master version of the iOS 4.2 for the developer community. Which means only those of you who are members of the iPhone Developer Enterprise Program can access this by singing in to the Apple Developer Connection or the iOS Developer Center.

This comes after Apple had released the Beta for the iOS 4.2 back in September  with the beta 3 final released in October. The news simply means that the developer community can have a go at the iOS 4.2 before it is released to the general public and figure out ways on how to jailbreak iOS devices in the likes of the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. You can download the iOS 4.2 GM for your iPhone, iPod Touch SDK and the iPad here.

We will try and see if we can crunch out a jailbreak method for this as soon as we can.

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